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What does ElementBot do?

Element bot it's mainly based on fun commands such as music, nsfw but it has also moderation, administration features, a fully custom prefix, language support for English and Spanish, NSFW images won't ever repeat and many more features! At the moment, the bot has only 10 categories (administration, system, fun, miscellaneous, moderation, nsfw, music, XP, economy and information), but we are constantly working on ElementBot and delivering weekly updates. If you have any suggestion for the bot or have tracked down a bug please feel free to join our support discord server, send me a direct-message (Todo56#0001) or contact us in twitter, we love hearing your feedback!

History of ElementBot

This bot was first called AtomicBot and was focused in NSFW content, you can find the source code of this version on my github. The second release of the bot was better, introducing saving data such as warnings, guild information... This version was not very stable so it ended up being abandoned still running until recently, the 1rst of November of 2019 when I started working on a bot called 'TodoBot', this bot was way more complex and had a ton more of features. It was the 1st of January that I started working on Element. Element has most of the features of TodoBot but its better made and more stable.

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