1019 Guilds, 202990 Users, 109 Commands...

2020-06-26 08:58:42


ElementBot is a fantastic NSFW bot, I can proudly say it has much better content than Dank Memer & MEE6, the developers & creator are very friendly, and the XP, music and other additions make this bot even better. If you would like an awesome bot, mainly focused on NSFW and has stuff like music and xp to make your server even more fun, please use Element as it's a amazing bot, good job, keep up the good work! :D


2020-06-26 20:44:04


Thanks for the review! If you would want even more NSFW commands in your library, there is an option to bind Element to custom subreddits (basically make it send an image from a linked subreddit when command is ran) in the premium version. Or you can try and make a suggestion for us to add a command that would make the bot even better :D

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