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2020-04-20 17:27:03

Krafty Koala#1111

Im so frickin confused what the hell the xp system does or how it works. Im not all that tech savy and id apreciate if it was more clear about what the whole xp system entails.


2020-04-22 12:42:13


Hey there! Sorry to hear that. The XP system is ranking users by their activity, it is just a module for fun. The more messages users send (spam not included), the more XP they have and they level up. In the future there might be something you would be able to do with the levels. We will contact you on discord for faster communication; and to see if you need any help. Have a nice day!


2020-04-22 12:48:53


Hello! Our XP system is gonna be changed really soon and made way better. This will include a new description for it. Thank you for reviewing ElementBot!

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